Best Practices For Hosting A Successful Virtual Award Ceremony

Hosting A Successful Virtual Award Ceremony

Conducting virtual awards ceremonies has become the new normal that the world embraces to continue appreciating and motivating their employees. While various lockdowns across the nation have lifted, social distancing norms continue to persist, compelling the continuity of virtual events rather than the conventional, on-site events.

Are you looking to host an online award ceremony to celebrate the wins and appreciate your employees? Here are some best practices that you can read before you plan a virtual award ceremony.

1. Identify Your Goals

Defining your event goals is very important that further creates a roadmap and guides you on how to conduct a successful virtual award show. These specific goals need to resonate with the business proposals to create unique brand experiences and increase the count of global delegates. Setting clear goals for your virtual award ceremony also helps you learn the purpose behind the online event and recognize the proposed results that your target audience would expect from this event.

2. Begin With a Strategic Approach

Once the aims of hosting a virtual award ceremony are clear, move forward with the event planning and strategy. Create a productive plan to ensure the success of your Online Award Ceremony. Here are some important pointers that you need to consider before moving ahead with the next steps:

  • Determine the type of event you wish to conduct. Will it be live, on-demand, or both?
  • Make sure to keep the registration process super simple.
  • Remember to include engagement features to let the attendees connect and interact during the event
  • How will the attendees access the virtual award ceremony?
  • What will be the KPIs of the virtual award ceremony?

These vital pointers make your planning process simple and convenient.

To host an online award ceremony that can behold more attendees, identify the industry trends and features that can help you organize even better and memorable award shows.

3. Choose Your Virtual Award Ceremony Platform Wisely

Selecting an ideal virtual award ceremony is vital in deciding the features and functionalities you want to include in your event. Hence, it is important to look for a virtual award show platform with a customizable interface, right event technology, excellent, engaging tools, and networking options that can help replicate the experiences of a physical award ceremony.

Virtual Award Ceremony

Your virtual award ceremony platform should efficiently organize live polls, surveys, games, thematic & 3D virtual stage, and a customizable interface. It should also have a strong data trackability functionality that can help you measure the success of your event.

4. Create an Attractive 3D Virtual Stage

Designing an immersive virtual stage can take your attendees in awe. It is an effective way to keep them involved right from the beginning of the award ceremony. Adding immersive graphics, thematic background, dynamic banners, 360-degree tour of the company, animated light at the lobby, and GIFs are excellent features that help you deliver memorable experiences.

5. Generate Buzz and Excitement

The success of any virtual award ceremony depends on the user experience of the attendees. Hence, it is vital to remember their expectations and understand their emotions for attending the online event.

To organize a customized and remarkable virtual award ceremony, you can go through the below-mentioned practices to ensure the success of your event.

  • Keep exciting award categories.

Online events are all about unique experiences. Consider keeping different and interesting categories that will arouse excitement and suspense among everyone regarding the awardee. You can also conduct live polls related to the award categories or the awardee names. It will promote engagement and involvement and increase the dwell time of the audience on the virtual platform.

  •  Sound effects

Ask your virtual event provider to get a little creative and include emoticons, clap, hoot, and novel sound effects that can be played in the background to make an awardee feel special. These features reveal your promising efforts that can lead to a successful virtual award ceremony.

  • Thematic background

It is a more personalized touch that signifies the importance is your audience and their experience. Add lively images or fond pictures of the company and the employees that can take them to the memory of work from office scenarios. Attendees would love this feature and feel more connected throughout the event.

  • Photo booths

A photo booth is a great idea to include an enjoyable element in your virtual award ceremony. After the online event starts, the audience can use these branded photo booths during their breaks. They can take several photos and post them on their social media handles. It will increase the social presence of your event and provide a unique brand experience.

  • Signature wall and the social wall

To make your virtual award show more likable, you can incorporate a social wall and a signature wall. Attendees would cherish taking back memorable experiences by jotting down their warm memory on the social wall.

  • Gamification

Including exciting games always works well with any physical, virtual, or hybrid event. To name some, spin the wheel, tic-tac-toe, crosswords, and more are everyone’s favorite.

Adding games in a long-running online event helps minimize the chances of attendee distraction.

  • Add the most-favorite employee award.

Celebrating the wins and accomplishments of the employees even when things have entered the virtual space is equally important. To host a more value-yielding event, you can include this exceptional award to let the employees know how much you value them. You can prepare a list of the most dedicated and hard-working employees and conduct a survey or live poll among the attendees to know their most-favorite choice.

6. Get Incredible Emcees Onboard

Emcees play a vital role in keeping the attendees engaged. Experienced emcees know the art of delivering the content to stay involved and hooked throughout the event. So, do your research and get the best ones included in your virtual award ceremony.

7. Keep Short Sessions

We all know that distractions are just one click away for our virtual attendees. To eliminate attendee drop-off, plan your sessions reasonably. Include breaks and keep a check on the duration of the sessions.

Consider keeping a break just before an important session so the attendees can restore themselves and participate actively in the sessions.

8. Live-stream Your Virtual Award Ceremony

Live-streaming is an effective way to enhance the reach of your event and boost brand value. Look for an ideal virtual event software, like Dreamcast, that can do multi-channel streaming on different social media platforms like Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, etc. Live video streaming enables the speakers to live to stream their conversations, answer questions, and communicate via a live chat feature with the audience.

9. Promote Your Virtual Award Ceremony

It is essential to make assuring efforts to market your virtual award ceremony rightly to reach a wider audience. Use different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to spread awareness about your virtual award ceremony. Use event-specific hashtags that can grab the attention of more people.

Also, create an attractive landing page including the date, time, and registration link of the virtual award ceremony to avoid missing out on any new registrations.

Consider sending periodic emails or use email marketing to remind your attendees about the virtual event.

10. Offer 24/7 Customer Support

You should always make sure that your virtual event provider includes this aspect. Having a mindful team that can provide immediate assistance to the attendees during any login or sign-up issues helps enhance the attendee and platform experience.

Besides this, make sure to perform a dry-run to avoid the possibility of any error on D-day. Perform multiple system checks, test the Internet connection, and the features of the virtual platform to ensure the smooth running of the event and platform navigation.

Bottom Line

Celebrating the wins has always been important to motivate and appreciate the best performers of the industry, company, or business. But the key difference lies in the way you celebrate these accomplishments. Virtual award ceremonies hold endless opportunities to deliver unique and remarkable experiences to the attendees.

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