Cabin Crew Courses

Career Scope Of Cabin Crew Courses


Cabin Crew Courses: As an integral member of the cabin team, you will provide exceptional service to passengers and ensure their safety and comfort throughout the journey. You will serve beverages and food, as well as give away gifts to passengers on an unrestricted basis.

During your work, you will be taught to handle emergencies and safety issues that may require giving first assistance to passengers. Also, you must ensure that Emergency equipment and supplies are functioning before leaving and that adequate equipment is available on board. 

You’ll then participate in safety demonstrations to ensure that passengers know how to use the equipment and what security procedures to follow.


If you are a part of an airline cabin team, you’ll need:

  • Be punctual, professional, and always courteous.
  • Take note of the pre-flight details. Listen to the pre-flight information, and you’ll be informed of your working locations for the next flight. Staff members are informed regarding the scheduled flight, the plan for passengers, the number of people on board, and if any passengers have special needs, such as wheelchair users or diabetic passengers.
  • Carrying out pre-flight tasks that include safety equipment inspections and safety checks to ensure it is neat and clean and ensuring that information in the seat pockets is current and that all food, drinks, and supplies are in order.
  • Inform travelers of safety guidelines and ensure that all luggage is stored securely.
  • Check to ensure that all seat belts and vessels are secured before departure.
  • Offer tax-free items (which could contain personal limitations) and inform passengers about the applicable grant limitations on the destination.
  • Reassure passengers and ensure they are following safety procedures in the event of an emergency.
  • To deal with any overweight or drunken passenger (possibly performing disrespectfully or disparagingly) with respect and courtesy to ensure all passengers’ safety and well-being.
  • Offer first aid if needed.
  • Make sure that passengers exit in a safe manner at the end of the flight. Also, ensure there’s no remaining load on the additional locks, and ensure that there aren’t any stoves or other suspicious items in the cabin.
  • Complete your papers, which include complete papers including.


  • The amount you earn can vary significantly based on the airline, as certain airlines pay more than others. However, you can expect to earn pay in the range of PS 12,000 to PS 14,000.
  • If you master the subject, you can earn the fundamental quantity from PS 15000 to PS 19,000 per year.
  • The minimum pays for mortuary professionals in the senior category, which can be achieved within a couple of years, is PS between 20,000 and PS 23,000.
  • In addition to the basic allowance, you’ll also get an hourly flight allowance for every hour of work. You will also receive an income allowance to pay for the flight. Additionally, there are bonuses for performance and sales commissions in-flight. This additional cash could boost your earnings to PS 28,000 annually based on your budget.

Certain airlines offer allowances over basic wages depending on the number of languages spoken. A lot of airlines also provide late-night payment options.

Hours of operation:

Cabinet employees must work shifts that can be extraordinarily long and non-public hours. This can mean working late in the day, late at night, on weekends, and during holidays. The hours of work can differ between weeks with other airlines. The shortest flights can offer more extended hours than long-distance flights. There are times when you will be required to work or change your holiday schedule when your return flight is delayed or canceled, and you are paid for this.

Education Qualification:

Degree, HND/foundation degree, or postgraduate degree are not required to join the army as cabinet staff. Most airlines prefer you to possess an official high school diploma which requires an academic degree of four (C) or more with a minimum of 4 (C) or higher in English and math.

Though employers do not inquire about an A degree, HND, or a primary education degree within one of these articles might indicate an airline is interested in this field:

  • Hospitality
  • Languages
  • Tourism.
  • Traveling.


You’ll need to prove:

  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Different customer service.
  • Confidence when dealing with a list of people.
  • You must have a strong teamwork ability as you’ll work with different teams regularly.
  • Empathy and the capacity to help colleagues.
  • Being sensitive when working with the VIPs.
  • The ability to manage challenging situations and to maintain calm under pressure and in emergencies.
  • The gift of discretion when talking to the passengers and providing vaccinations whenever necessary.

Work experience

Airlines might want proof of relevant work experience, not qualifications, since they would like to know that applicants possess the required abilities.

Part-time or seasonal work in customer service areas will be especially beneficial since you will have any task demonstrating teamwork and collaboration. Participation in restaurants, hotel tourism, tourism, and tourism will show that you possess the required capabilities and expertise.

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