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PDF is the most commonplace report type that may be effortlessly shared and opened on any operating machine. Still, enhancing PDF files is pretty difficult. That’s when Microsoft Word is available on hand. All you have to do is convert your PDF record to DOC or DOCX, make the essential changes, and convert it back to its unique layout. Click here

But the way to convert PDF to Word? Today, we’ll display a way to do that with Preview, Google Drive, Automator, and some devoted PDF converters.

Method 1. How To Convert Pdf To Word On Mac Using Preview

Consider replica and pasting as a low-tech technique. Sometimes this works enormously properly, in particular, while the PDF is broadly speaking textual content-based totally. Sometimes this is a real hassle – all of it depends on the sort of PDF document you have.

To know more information like this how to save a word document as a pdf

In any case, with such minimal attempt, this method is worth a shot. Follow these steps to try it out:

Right-click on your PDF document, visit Open With, and pick out Preview.

Select the textual content you want to duplicate and press commands.

Navigate to Pages or Microsoft Word on Mac and paste the textual content into the file with Command‐V.

Save the record as DOC or DOCX (visit File > Export > Word if you use Pages). That’s all!


Use Command‐A to select all Do you need to duplicate the complete report contents right away?

Method 2. Convert Pdf Files To Docx Using Google Docs

Google Docs is a famous web-based enhancing tool this is extremely good at converting PDF documents to Word. Here’s a way to use it:

Gear icon Click the Settings icon and select Settings.

Check the container subsequent to “Convert uploaded files to Google Docs editor format” within the General tab.

Upload the PDF record to Google Drive (press the “+ New” button and pick out “File Upload”)

hit open. Your document will now be opened with Google Docs.

Go to the File menu, choose Downloads, and choose the option for Microsoft Word (DOCX). The report will seem like a Word document in your Downloads folder.


If a PDF record contains snapshots, Google Docs can extract them from the very last DOCX record. This approach is better for textual content-based PDF reports only.

Google Docs will also be the answer on how to convert Word to PDF on Mac. The important disadvantage of this approach is that it requires a web connection.

Method 3. Convert Pdf To Word With Automator

Automator is a built-in macOS software developed for simple repetitive duties like renaming documents or resizing photographs. It enables making comparable adjustments to multiple files at an equal time via developing a custom workflow.

Like Preview, Automator can’t convert PDF to Word. But it’s far effective enough to extract text from your PDF and convert it to a plain or wealthy text format (RTF). To use Automator:

Launch Automator from the Applications folder.

Select Workflow as a kind in your file.

Drag and drop your PDF record.

In the Actions phase at the left, visit Library > PDF > Extract PDF Text.

Drag this movement to the bottom proper pane of your PDF record.

Opt for rich textual content rather than plain text to keep the formatting.

Define where to shop the extracted text record.

Hit the Run button in the upper-proper nook of the window, and convert your PDF file to a textual content record.

Now, you can visit the folder you chose and discover your transformed document.

Method 4. 

If you’ve got lots of PDFs with lots of photos and different sorts of text blocks to convert, the usage of a dedicated converter is the clean way out. But what is the fine one to pick?

By some distance, the very best great solution is Adobe Acrobat by way of Adobe. No wonder the company has a device to remedy all your PDF modifying wishes, as they created this layout. This tool can convert PDF to nearly all forms of report kinds: from DOCX to RTF and beyond. Even if you have any scanned textual content on your record, Acrobat will apprehend it routinely.

The options are PDFelement and Smallpdf. Both of these services have loose trials, so you can find out if the tool works for you earlier than you buy.

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