Cool, Crafty Ideas on How to Find Good Quinceanera Dance Lessons


Have you ever been to a “coming-of-age” party? Well I’ve been to an 18-year old girl’s debut a couple of times already. But, have you ever heard of a “coming-of-age” party for fifteen year old girls? Yes, in Mexico, and many parts of Latin and South America, it’s called a “quinceanera”. The word comes from the combination of two Spanish terms, “quince” (which means fifteen) and “años” (which means year). This special occasion is different from any other, as it marks the transition from childhood to womanhood. For those who are planning their daughter, or sister’s (or niece’s) quinceanera, here are a couple of cool and crafty ideas on how to find the best quinceanera dance lessons Orlando or choreographers.

Symbolism During a Quinceanera Represents This Transition

Before we go straight to discussing the best, and the coolest ideas on how to find great quinceanera dance lessons Orlando, let’s first talk about the fundamentals of this age-old tradition.

According to experts, symbolism during a quinceanera represents this transition from childhood to womanhood. In some quinceaneras, the young girl receives a doll from family members, which represents the last childhood toy that’s given to her.

Another popular custom is the Changing of the Shoes, where a loved one or family member removes the young woman’s flat shoes and replaces them with heels. This marks her entrance to womanhood.

A traditional quinceanera includes 14 girls, who are called “damas”, and are similar to bridesmaids. There are 14 boys too who are called “chamberlanes” who accompany the “damas”. There is usually a man of honor who walks with the quinceanera, or the woman who is turning 15. While not all quinceaneras includes chamberlanes and damas, many celebrations do include them.

Most quinceaneras also include a mass at a Catholic church, which is followed by a photo session, and a party that’s similar to a prom. In some cultures, the father of another family member presents the 15 year old woman to the party guests. And, at modern quinceaneras, the party also includes photo booths, dessert tables and even DJ’s playing popular dance music.

The birthday girl wears beautiful make-up, fancy hairstyles and a special dress, which is similar to what a princess or bride ears. The dress is usually white to represent innocence and purity. Today however, young women choose the colors of their quinceanera dresses.

A quinceanera party may take place at a reception hall, ballroom or at the family home. The party also typically includes several waltzes. The birthday celebrant shares a special waltz with her father, and is followed by waltzes with her chamberlanes.

A Quinceanera is More Than Just a Party

Usually, the dance steps usually seen n a quinceanera are practiced weeks, or even months, before the actual celebration. This explains why many young girls enroll themselves in quinceanera dance lessons Orlando.

And, of course, the girl turning 15, along with her damas and chamberlanes, enroll themselves in quinceanera dance lessons Orlando, and practice their dance steps weeks or even months in advance, is because a quinceanera is more than just a party!

A quinceanera is actually a big event for the family, as well as the friends, classmates and relatives of the lady celebrating her 15th birthday. If you’re not sure what to do first, ask yourself “what will I talk with the choreographer or dance instructor that I’m going to interview?”

You will probably want to talk about how many dances you will want to have, and how many dancers the choreography will involve.  In other words, before you begin interviewing the choreographers who offer quinceanera dance lessons Orlando, consider how impressive you want the event to be. Then, talk to the choreographers at their dance studios to see how they can be of assistance.

Go for a Choreographer or Studio Who Knows the Dance Styles

The next step towards finding the best quinceanera dance lessons Orlando would be to choose a choreographer or dance studio who knows, or is well-versed, with a wide array of dances styles.

There are actually a lot of dance styles to choose from or consider, and there are dances too that are expected at a conventional quinceanera. Like, there’s always the father-daughter dance, along with an entrance waltz and an exit waltz. And of course, to make the event more exciting, there’s also a surprise dance number which is kept off the wraps until the day of the event.

The Dance Studio/Choreographer Should Be Flexible and Affordable

The key to finding the best, and most appropriate quinceanera dance lessons Orlando also lies in finding a choreographer or dance stupid who’s flexible, and affordable at the same time. Like, can the choreographer easily change their style? Or will the studio offer dance styles which are appropriate for the 15-year old lady and her entourage?

And of course, ask yourself how the choreography fits into your budget. Considering that these are truly inflationary times, a good dance studio who offers the best dance styles and lessons at a budget-friendly price should be a prized find!

A Good Dance Studio/Choreographer Comes With References

A choreographer or studio who offers truly amazing quinceanera dance lessons Orlando will usually find promoting their services to be a breeze, because a lot of people are already recommending them to their friends, co-workers and family members!

Once you found the best, and most appropriate quinceanera dance lessons Orlando, ask the choreographer or studio to provide you with a list of references. By checking out their references, you will know how their past clients felt about their quality of service.

You should also check out if the dance studio or choreographer offers sample videos of their lessons, or even has online classes that you can watch for free, before you make the final decision.

Today, the quinceanera tradition remains strongest in Mexico, although it is widely celebrated in Spanish-speaking countries in the Americas. It’s also widely celebrated by many Latino Americans in the US, with each and every segment of the Latino community doing the quinceanera according to their traditions. So, if you’re looking for the best quinceanera dance lessons Orlando, I hope this article serves as a very helpful guide.

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