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10 Creative Ways To Utilize Cardboards Boxes


Cardboard is readily available material. It is used in numerous ways. Cardboard boxes are the preferred choice for the packaging and shipping of products. Whatever you purchase or order online, everything comes in custom boxes. This makes you accumulate several cardboard boxes, which ultimately stack up unless they are disposed of for recycling. There are unlimited ways to utilize cardboard. Whether you have custom boxes or stacked sheets of cardboard, you can purposefully use them with a bit of creativity. Below are the ten most creative ways to utilize cardboard boxes:

Floor protection for various events

Large custom cardboard boxes act best for store protection, especially for special occasions. For example, if you rent a hall and want to protect your floor during the setup and service, the best way is to put the cardboard down. Although it does not look good it saves the floor from stains and scuffs.

Cardboard Boxes As A Knife sheath

If you have any left cardboard from paper towels or old custom boxes, make it flat to make a sheath for protecting knives. This helps a lot during packing, camping and traveling. Moreover, using this cardboard knife sheath, you need not worry about continuously insulating sharp blades.

Compost material

Cardboard boxes is good lying material for the compost. This balances the composition of green and brown. You can use it when you want to up the carbon content of your compost.

Recycling and trash organizer

The cardboard boxes are a great way to organize trash and prepare it for recycling. You can use several custom-printed boxes to separate different contents for this purpose. This gives clear signage on which box contains trash, compost and recycles.

Quick and dirty raised beds

Raised beds work best for gardening, but the only pain is to install them. Another interesting alternative to it is to use custom cardboard boxes. Please put them in the required place and fill them with soil and seeds. If you want not to make them leakage free, place a thin sheet of plastic below the soil. This will prevent the water from coming out and keep the cardboard last for long.

Plant guards

Young plants need more protection against insects and pest attacks. Cardboard is an excellent way to safeguard plants. Cut out old custom packaging boxes to make a cardboard tube. Tape it around the trunk of the young plant. This provides extra protection to the plant by acting as a cage for it.


Instead of buying the filling material from the market, few people know the fact that cardboard serves as an excellent filler to protect your items. These boxes are easy to stack and label. They can even protect your extensive archives of discs, tapes and other related supplies.

Weed control Via Cardboard Boxes

Weed barriers are usually expensive, but cardboard is free. Custom packaging boxes are always there in one’s house, occupying an ample space in the storeroom. Cut out their taped ends to make large sheets. Put them down in the garden, especially in problematic areas. This will prevent the weeds from getting through it. Cardboard is an excellent material to ensure weed control. It mulches back into the soil and enriches it.

Seedling starters

Most people love to put eggs in cardboard boxesbut dispose of them after use. By introducing little creativity, you can convert them into seedling starters. Add rich and clean soil to each egg cup and some seeds. Water them daily and see them grow. Even you can cut the carton and plant it in the soil directly. This does not disturb your seedlings; the cardboard automatically breaks as the plants mature.


Like paper, cardboard boxes is also flammable. Take some of the clean cardboard, which is not painted on wax. Use it as a fire starter. Cut a strip of it and light one of the ends. Spread the other pieces and wait for the fire to spread evenly.

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