Easy Ways To Remove Scratches From Your Eyeglasses?


No one likes looking through a scratched-up lens. When glasses get scratched, it influences both their look and their capability—you may need to get them fixed ASAP.

But casting off scratches from prescription glasses can be unstable commercial corporation, in particular if you’re attempting to do it yourself. Before you do away with the coating from your lenses or get a sand blaster for your body, allow us to take you via the diverse myths and mounted strategies for treating scratched glasses. Plus, we are going to cover how to save you scratches from occurring inside the first vicinity.

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Can Scratches From Prescription Glasses Be Eliminated At Home?

It’s possible, however you are usually taking a danger. DIY answers are frequently not as effective as advertised, and you may make the scratch worse. Always do your research in advance than trying to use any product on your glasses or lenses.

The most popular and least dangerous home cure for scratched glasses is to apply a paste fabricated from baking soda and water. But, like every domestic hack for doing away with scratches from glasses, this indicates wearing off the coating on your lenses until the scratch isn’t always seen. Continue with caution!

What you may need

baking soda


small mixing bowl

two microfiber cloths


know more about these kinds of stuff here how to fix scratched glasses

How To Cast Off Scratches From Glasses With Baking Soda?

Step 1: Clean your glasses very well with a microfiber cloth. If it is been some time given that you have had an intensive cleaning of your glasses, comply with our guide proper here: How to Clean Your Glasses.

Step 2: Prepare a thick paste thru mixing baking soda with water in a bowl. Start with a pair tablespoons or a tablespoon of baking soda and then add water until the consistency feels just proper.

Step 3: Apply the paste on the scratched part of the lens of your glasses. Use every different microfiber material to gently rub the paste onto the scratch. Move the cloth in a round motion (now not backward and forward) and do no longer observe too much stress. You are going for a mild technique proper here.

Step 4: Wash your lens with water to do away with the paste.

Step 5: Dry your lens with a easy microfiber fabric. Inspect scratches. Are they less visible? If so, you could repeat this method until you have got decreased the scratch to your pride.

If you do now not see any distinction, the baking soda approach may not work on your glasses (or it could take hours which you do not have). If the scratches appear worse or more stated, do no longer repeat these steps.

Does Using Toothpaste Work On Scratched Glasses?

Not constantly, and rubbing toothpaste for your glasses ought to make scratches worse.

The thinking inside the lower back of applying toothpaste to scratched lenses is that the tiny abrasive particles within the paste will wear down the lens coating enough to cover the scratch. Some toothpastes are greater abrasive than others: Gel toothpastes and whitening toothpastes may be more harsh in your glasses.

If you ask us, the toothpaste method isn’t certainly really worth the risk.

Do Polishing Glasses Eliminate Scratches?

No, you need to by no means use difficult materials to remove scratches on glasses. Your lenses becomes more hard and marked in case you try and use sandpaper or different sharpening equipment.

Are There Different Products That Get Rid Of Scratches From Glasses?

You can be inspired by special quick fixes in your scratched glasses, but unluckily most of those are too authentic to be proper.

Do Glass Etching Products Heal Scratches On Glasses?

Glass etching merchandise will genuinely remove any coating at the lens of the glasses. Theoretically, if best the coating of your lens is scratched, making use of a tumbler etching product will “heal” the scratch by way of eating away at the coating.

But then you may lose any blessings that the coating gives, together with blue moderate safety. Also, in case you allow the glass etching product sit for your lens for too lengthy it’ll damage the coating in addition to the lens itself. For this cause, we in no way advise making use of those products in your glasses.

Can You Operate Wax On Scratched Glasses?

Using wax to try to fill in the scratches to your glasses will in all likelihood make it difficult to appearance through them. Wax (which include vehicle wax and furniture wax) is more opaque than your lens material and can make scratches more sizeable. Even if it heals a deep scratch, it’s miles a short restore.

Does Sunscreen Get Rid Of Scratches On Glasses?

Some courses suggest applying sunscreen to repair scratched sun shades with replicate coating. Doing this could in reality take away the coating of the glass—so the scratches may be lengthy long gone, but so will the reflective part of your sunglasses. This is any other method we don’t assist, as it’s miles significantly converting your lenses in a manner that could do extra damage than exceptional.

Can Opticians Do Away With Scratches From Glasses?

Opticians generally cannot repair scratched lenses with out installing new ones. Once the lens is scratched sufficient, itScratched for accurate. An optician can adjust your glasses for you and provide advice about in shape or care, however the high-quality manner to deal with a scratched lens is to replace it entirely.

How To Restore Scratched Glasses For Good: Change Lenses

If you have got worn glasses, your awesome alternative is to update the lenses. The new lenses will make sure that you may see honestly and preserve your glasses looking sharp. Talk in your optician about switching your lenses to appearance if it is possible in conjunction with your cutting-edge body, how lengthy it may take, and what kind of it’s going to fee.

At Warby Parker, we stand thru the scratch-resistant coating that comes famous with all of our lenses: If they get scratched inner six months of your buy, we’ll update them with out fee.

Tips To Prevent Scratchy Glasses

First of all, saving your glasses from scratching will prevent time, heartache, and baking soda. Here’s the manner to protect them from unpleasant marks:

Make positive your lens has a scratch resistant coating. All of our polycarbonate lenses come with a scratch-resistant coating already applied. Without this coating, it’s miles a ways much less complicated for the lens to preserve scratches and scuffs.

Clean your glasses often with a microfiber fabric. Leaving particles or dust in your lens can cause blemishes and marks. Enough buildup ought to even scratch your glasses at the same time as you try to wipe it off. Use handiest a microfiber fabric and authorised products to smooth your glasses, as other cloths (sure, even tissue paper and fabric) can be too abrasive for the lenses.

Store your glasses in a tough case. Hard times guard your glasses from immoderate tearing at the same time as they will be not to your face.

Wear contacts throughout full of life interest. Whether you’re gambling a pastime, taking walks, or working towards a solo drum, your glasses may be prone to falling off and adverse your face. Consider wearing contact lenses in the path of these greater dynamic moments.

Be moderate along with your glasses. Don’t placed them to your nightstand or on your bag without considering the lenses. Take care of them in an effort to hold to take care of your vision.

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