How to Benefit From Buying Meat Online


Purchasing meat, whether it is pork, chicken, beef, lamb, or sausages, is not as easy as it seems. There may be some challenges and disappointments when shopping at your local supermarkets. But, this should not always be the case. You can now buy meat online and have your chosen cuts delivered to your home, at an affordable price.

Reasons for Buying Meat Online

Transparency. Most onlinebutchers are open with buyers regarding their products. They provide information about where the meat came from and how they do things at the shop. These online butchers typically work with the local farms, making them confident of the meat they are selling. It means that the meat is ethically and sustainably produced from outdoor-reared, grass-fed, and healthy animals.

The sad reality is that there were food fraud cases that were linked to some supermarkets, which have raised some issues about traceability and authenticity. The good news is that you can buy meat online Ipswich from a reliable butcher if you want to have confidence in the origin of the product you are buying.

Convenience. Getting your meat from an online butcher means you are shopping at a time that is convenient for you. There are no opening hours to think about, which means can avoid going to the supermarket during rush hours, as you can simply do your shopping to suit your timetable.

Also, with a wide range of meat available, it would be easy to find exactly what you are looking for. Compared to supermarkets, which only have a limited offering of speciality cuts, online butchers have a huge selection of best-selling meat products. You can also expect to find less commonly available meat such as duck or goat.

Quality. One advantage of shopping for meat online is gaining access to quality and tasteful produce. There is a notable difference in quality between the meat you would gladly eat in a restaurant and the one that you buy in the supermarket. When you buy meat online from your local butcher, you will get restaurant-quality meat cuts in your home.

High-quality meat usually has a rich flavour, offering you a full taste experience. Shopping your meat online ensures you will receive the finest and freshest produce, sourced from farms that practice a high level of standards in production.

Value for Money. Keep in mind that purchasing premium cuts online is not going to cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, online prices are competitive with high street butchers and supermarkets. There is a clear difference in taste and quality of the product you purchase, making online shopping from online butchers a good value for money.

One reason that online butchers can offer their customers reasonable prices is that their supply chains are shorter than that of supermarkets. Also, you cut out the middleman when you buy meat online. There are also fewer overheads, unlike thebrick and mortar butcher stores, passing those savings to their customers as a result.

Bulk Purchases. Bulk buyingis an effective way of saving money in the long run. Besides benefiting from a lower unit price, you also save energy and time, as running out of meat will not be a problem often. If you have a big freezer, take advantage of it and stock up on bulk meat deals, saving money in the process.

It feels great to have a variety of meat in the fridge any time you want to eat something. Cravings happen unexpectedly, and it is much handier if you have meat and other ingredients ready at home. Moreover, you are confident enough to deal with sudden get-togethers and unexpected guests since the fridge is stocked with plenty of meat to serve everyone.

Quick Delivery.Shopping for meat online means having your orders delivered directly to your doorstep. You have a range of options and timeframes to choose from when you buy meat online. You also rest assured that the products are delivered intemperature-controlled packaging, keeping the contents fresh and chilled while in transit.

Tips for Choosing the Best Meat   

When it comes to meat, it pays to have some knowledge about the products you are buying. Here are some things to remember:

Know the three main categories of meat

  1. Read meat. This includes pork, beef, lamb, goat, and typically all livestock.
  2. Poultry. This includes turkey and chicken. Poultry is considered white meat.
  3. Seafood.This includes fish, molluscs (scallops, mussels, oysters, clams), and crustaceans (lobster, crab).

Learn the different cuts of beef

When you buy meat online, understanding the different primal beef cuts can help you easily identify what you want; giving you added confidence when shopping.

The primal cuts of beef are:








Short Plate

Each of these primal cuts has secondary and sub-primal cuts such as ribeye, porterhouse, and filet mignon.

Key indicators of quality beef to look for when you buy meat online are marbling, temperature, colour, and lack of moisture. A good beef has a purplish or red appearance. If there are brown spots, it means the start of decay and oxidation. Also, less moisture is an indicator that the beef is fresh. Marbling, in particular, is crucial for tender cuts such as ribeye, as it will bolster the buttery richness of the meat when cooked.

If the meat is vacuum-packed, it may appear slightly brownish in colour. Know that it has good quality and is less prone to spoilage inside the fridge.

Select the appropriate cut based on what you are preparing

Besides freshness and quality, you will want to get the correct cut for the specific meal you want for it. The cut refers to the part of the animal. For example, the ribs, tenderloin, and rump are quality cuts that are taken from the back part of the animal. This meat from the back part is in higher demand, making them more costly than other cuts.

Tender cuts of beef are best cooked at direct heat and high temperatures, including New York strip, ribeye, and porterhouse. Make sure to marinate certain cuts like skirt or flank before cooking to tenderize the meat much further. For round and other lean cuts, cook this tougher meat low and slow to help them break out easily.

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