Install Custom Window Screens In Old Window Frames?


How do you put in custom window monitors which you make with a display repair package?

I confirmed you the way to make a window display screen in a previous submit. And this ability comes in available when your display is blown up or destroyed through a rainstorm.

As I write this submit, we’re in the grip of a hurricane that is the end result of a typhoon moving to the East Coast. You’d suppose that being inland Pittsburgh would not suffer from the crazy wind and rain, but we did. I sure desire the sump pump is running.

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Today you may find out how easy it is to put in your new display. And if you use sheet steel screws in the course of this process, you won’t must worry about your screen flying off.

Here are the components you need for this mission:

Drill (inflexible three/eight inch corded drill)

7/64 Titanium Drill Bit

1/2″ Hex Head Sheet Metal Screws

Plastic Window Screen Turn Button

Duct Tape ($three.98)

Gumption (handiest the gasoline you’ll want to do the tasks at no cost)

The overall cost of everything is $71.03.

But if you could borrow a person’s drill or your personal the finances is $eleven.06. There is no terrible rate for peace of thoughts.

To know more information like this how to install window screen

The overall time to do that undertaking is ready 7 minutes. And once you recognize a way to set up a window screen, the relaxation isn’t any problem.

I promise you’ll be thrilled with the results and it will take typhoon-power winds to take away the display.

So allow’s pass directly to the fun stuff!

Drilling Holes In Window Frames

Why do you want to drill holes in your window frames?

The turn button that holds the window display in vicinity desires to be secured to the window frame. It’s that clean.

Place the window screen into the window frame and hold it in place with 4 portions of duct tape.

You ought to apply duct tape to the corners of the display screen. The tape should then span the screen and keep on with the window frame.

Install Custom Window Screens – Adding Duct Tape to the Four Corners of the Screen

The 7/sixty four drill bit will maintain the duct tape and let you drill a hole in the window body with out a “strolling” drill on slick sheet metal.

The hollow must be about 1/four inch from the brink of the window display frame.

Install custom window display-drill holes in window frames

I also use this identical approach after I must drill into ceramic or porcelain tile.

Here is my video that shows you a way to set up your personal custom window display. But I may also include a whole step-by-step guide with certain commands. When you’re completed watching the video, scroll down the remainder of this page for extra photos and guidelines.

Adding A Turn Button To A Window Frame

Nylon turn buttons keep custom window screens to the window body. I offered those at Lowe’s right here inside the States, but I’m certain you can discover a comparable product at different hardware shops.

Install Custom Window Screen – Hold the custom window display at the button window frame

Use the sheet metallic screws you bought one after the other to secure the flip button to the window body. I tried using the screws that got here with the flip button however they did not paintings properly.

Install custom window display – sheet steel screws ought to be used to secure the turn button

Sheet metallic screws may be tightened the use of a screwdriver or drill. I prefer to use my drill as this can get the screws pleasant and tight.

Install custom window display – Four turn buttons preserve window display in area

There must be a total of 4 turn buttons conserving the custom window display screen. Each flip button may be located at the four corners of the window screen for a good in shape.

How To Update Window Screen?

When I first got here into my residence and notion of doing some window display repairs, I very sincerely remembered… a spline roller?? What is a spline curler and why would someone have most effective one?

It seemed like a mysterious and luxurious tool that simplest the easiest of DIYers personal. I needed to shop for one immediately and it is now on my listing of tools any owner of a house have to have.

As it turns out, a spline curler looks as if a glorified pizza cutter and fees about $5. But if you want to replace your display, that little unique tool goes to save you a variety of heartache.

With that, a application knife, some spline and a few display mesh I commenced changing all the cracked displays in my 1840 brick cottage.

It takes a complete of about 10 minutes and five tools to update a unmarried window screen.

Basic steps: Remove antique screen and spline, lay new display over window, glue one cease of the spline into the channel after which use the spline curler to run the spline across the entire channel, locking the screening in place.

Complete. That’s it.

Here is my.

The Way To Replace Window Screen

materials you’ll want

spline curler

Spline (rubber rope used to preserve the display screen)


utility knife


Step 1. Old Strip and Then Screen Remove the vintage display by way of dragging the reins. You can reuse your antique bandage if it’s miles in appropriate circumstance.

Step 2. On ur display screen to estimate how an awful lot u need. Cut it so that you have some more inches across the window.

Black window shingle coil.

Channel on display window for spline.

Step 3. Grab your new strip and cut it a few inches longer than the spline you simply removed. The spline might be pushed into the channel while you push it with the spline roller.

Step four. Hold your display screen up to the window and stick the end of your strip into the corner of the channel on the edge of the body. Press it down tightly with the tool. Hold your display tight without pulling after which roll the grooved aspect of the spline roller along the spline, pushing it into the channel.

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