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Real estate agent Instagram: from a bio statement to leads and sales



Are you a realtor, an agency owner, followers on Instagram or do you just want to start an Instagram feature account for real estate? Read this blog post to find out how to create content from scratch and find leads on Instagram. click here

Real estate agent Instagram: from a bio statement to leads and sales

f you still doubt whether you should post listings on Instagram or not, simply start doing it now. This social platform can serve you better than a website – you will understand your customers’ profile and your competitors, and you’ll learn market news, all in one place. You can immediately keep in touch with clients via Direct messenger.

Instagram is excellent if you are selling visually-attractive property. You can film room tours, publish photographs of furnishings and amenities, and answer all questions in the comments. Below I will show you how to adjust targeting to bring potential buyers to your account and nurture their interest via automated interactions.

If you are just starting, it’s vital to think over a striking bio. This section has a decisive effect when people consider following you. Let’s begin your realtor’s path with this key element.


When you need to collect several persuasive facts about your career in 150 symbols, you need two things – your niche statement and SEO keywords.

Yes, Instagram evaluates keywords people use in bios. That’s why you need to examine what words the top players in this industry apply. Moreover, this investigation of your rivals’ bios will help you to collect more ideas and decide what is essential information for your audience.

Find top bios in real estate

You can find over 10K users in the category Real Estate in just one second on the web-based User Search. Imagine how long it would take to find these people through the app. Now let’s point out what sections you should keep in mind:

Instagram name section. Users find you by words placed in the name section. Explore what expressions your competitors use to be included in top results by these searches.

Instagram name section

Pro tip: Indicate in the User Search the city/country where your listings are situated. For example, a realtor from Atlanta can input this word into the text field. That way, you will get to know competitors in this region and can outwit them.

bios in real estate

IG description. This section is for your niche statement and accomplishments as a realtor. What is it? It’s a short phrase where you specify your niche, the value of your services, and your expertise.

bio aka niche statement

I know it might be challenging to fit all your perks in 150 symbols, but you can update this section to check which version works better. Find detailed instructions for creating a bio for IG in this blog article.


When your bio is ready, it’s time to decide what you will post to grow your account’s value. In 2021 just eye-popping images are not enough.

We examined the best real estate agent Instagram accounts to help you take away their hacks. You can follow them to investigate what’s new in your industry. Here are 3 of the most commented posts of realtors. It’s likely that your followers might find this content interesting as well.

Share your personal experience like @gogosrealestate

If you post just properties, some people might find it dull. Instagram is a social media, and users are eager to know your true face behind the business.

Moreover, if you provide facts from real life with your real images, people will trust you more. As a result, you will get leads that might become your buyers.

Instagram as a real estate agent

If you are specialized in selling luxury mansions, virtual tours are a must. IGTV is what you should use to drive more views and find potential buyers from around the globe.

You don’t need costly equipment to film IGTV like a pro. If you want to learn how to make the most of this content, read our article How to use IGTV to gain followers in 2021 (step-by-step guide to a highly-viewed video channel on Instagram) . Also, take a look at the comprehensive guide on Instagram video content.

Create a slideshow presenting your achievements like

When you market yourself as a realtor on Instagram, share sold items and other achievements. These posts showcase your expertise.

For example, @acolerealty says that they earned their sellers $318,500+ in profit over their listing price(s). Particular listings with prices are included in this slideshow, which develops the trust of future clients.

Furthermore, you can collect reviews from your clients and post them on Instagram. @acolerealty handles all the testimonials in a special highlight. (Read the guide Sales-boosting Instagram Highlights Guide to create appealing and valuable highlights on Instagram).

What are some other ways to find compelling ideas for posts?

If you want to produce really worthwhile publications for your customers, explore their pain points and give solutions. Handle frequently asked questions from people and create a post uncovering answers. Additionally, I advise you to study inquiries on Google and forums specializing in real estate; discover buzz topics on the web service


I advise you to market a realtor’s account with AI-based targeted promotion. The  Promo mode can drive future clients to your account thanks to smart interactions with their accounts.

For example, your profile will automatically engage with users who follow and use hashtags associated with selling real estate. You will also interact with followers of your competitors – people who are truly interested in real estate. The good news is that you won’t need to spend time on these interactions – the system will perform all activities while you are negotiating or showing properties. Isn’t that cool?

How to find buyers and followers for your realtor’s community in 3 steps:

Find hashtags in your niche. You can use the Hashtag Generator to copy synonymic hashtags in real estate. It will recommend hashtags, including keywords in the exact form and other ideas suggested by Instagram and often used in the same post. Keep these hashtags in a document.

Research the nicknames of your rivals. It’s handy to apply the User Search rather than manually browsing accounts in the IG app.

Paste the hashtags, nicknames, and locations in the Promo module. Lastly, you need to adjust targeting for interactions.  will view stories, follow/unfollow, and like posts of people based on your target. If they admire your content, they will become your followers and potential buyers.

compelling ideas for posts

People may overlook your ads in their feed, but they become interested if you show genuine interest in their content. The Promo module helps to build a warm and long-lasting relationship with clients even while you are offline.


IG is a perfect marketplace for everyone who buys and sells property. Use this social network for advertising listings, filming, sharing virtual tours, and hearing from your competitors. If you aim to create a professional realtor account, explore  helper tools for running a business on Instagram.

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