Signs That You Have a Pest Infestation at Home


Pests can cause various problems at home and they can cause damage the more they multiply and the longer they stay on your property. With this, it is essential to catch an infestation early on with the help of pest control services Ipswich. This will minimize the overall cost of their removal and potential home repairs.

Here are some signs to be aware of:

Live Bugs

Seeing a large number of bugs in your house is not a good thing. Bugs that like to be inside homes are cockroaches, house centipedes, flies, spiders, silverfish, and ants. If you are unable to control the live bugs with thestandard bug removal method, you may have a bigger problem in your hands, requiring the help of pest control services.

If your home seems like a feeding ground for them, then expect those bugs will come more frequently. Any gaps on the surfaces of your house such as doors, windows, tiny holes, and ventilation, are paths that bugs use to penetrate and invade yourresidence.


If your family is walking up with bites constantly or having bites when you stay outside the yard, you probably have a bug infestation somewhere on your property. Bedbugs are the number one culprit, as they like to come out at night to bite you. What’s more, they are tiny and difficult to see.

If you think there are bedbugs in your home, inspect your bed, bedroom furniture, chairs, curtains, couches, and other soft surfaces.  Calling a professional pest control company can help take care of them.


Rodents usually leave their droppings behind, and these are quite noticeable due to their size. So, if your house seems to unwillingly shelter a lot of rodents, you will definitely see many of them around your place.

Insects and bugs also leave some droppings, but they are not as visible. For example, termites leave piles of small brown pellets. If you find droppings of rodents, termites, or insects, this could be a sign of an infestation at home, which need you to use pest control services to exterminate the suspects.

Bad Odors

Different kinds of pests release different odors. If you are unsure why your home suddenly smells strange and not as fresh as before, certain pests may be the reason. Cockroaches have a musty odor while bedbugs produce a nauseating smell. Rat droppings and urine have a similar smell of ammonia.

If you can smell such odors in your house, it indicates that there already penetrate your place, causing problems.

Tracks and Markings

Rodents and insects tend to move along the same routes, which meansyou are able to see where they have been. Rats and mice usually run along the walls, so examine your baseboards for oily streaks or stains. Also, inspect the floor along the wall for droppings and trails of their urine.

Cockroaches often create reddish-brown streaks, so look for these signs on your kitchen and bathroom floors. It would be easier for you to see the tracks and markings of rodents compared to insects.

Damage to Home Structure and Plants

If you see damage to your home furnishings, walls, and plants, may need pest control services to resolve your insect problem. When moths lay eggs that feed off from fabrics when they hatch, this can cause damage to your clothing. On the other hand, watch out for termites that can damage your attic, basements, and crawlspace.

Where Can You Find Pests?

There are many areas around your house where unwanted pests could be thriving and lurking. Here are some common hiding spots that these destructive pests like to invade:

The Kitchen. It is one of the most common areas in your house that pests like to stick around to. This is because the kitchen offers all the resources for them to survive. They have access to water there, lots of food, and many dark corners for them to hide. Make sure to call the pest control services when you have an infestation at home, particularly in the kitchen.

Under the Bed. Thisis a place where bugs and spiders love to lurk. If you do not clean under the beds regularly, these pests most likely have already set up camp there. After all, the space there is hidden and dark.

Closets. Another popular hiding place for all kinds of pests is the closet. What these critters love about your closets are the nooks and crannies. These provide darkness and few disturbances for them. For example, your bathroom can be a favourite as it has easy access to water.

The Attic. This one is a great haven for pests in your house. The attic provides the ultimate shelter for spiders, cockroaches, and other bugs. You have a more serious problem if bigger pests start to build their hideout there. In such a case, it is time to call pest control services to look into your concerns.

The Garage. Your garage gives almost everything that pests look for in a dwelling. Both small and large pests find this space in your house comfortable and undisturbed. With all the nooks and crannies to settle in, many pests would really love your garage. So, if you have lots of tools, boxes, or lumber in your garage, you may want to perform some inspection if you have an infestation there.

Near Appliances. You probably do not know,but smaller pests like to hang around near home appliances. These electrical devices generate warmth that is quite appealing during cold weather. Those outlets can be a pathway to your house. So, your washer, dryer, furnace, toaster, etc., can harbournasty pests.

There are many other spots in your house that can shelter pests. The first time you notice any signs of an infestation, call the local pest control services immediately. The company has certified and experienced pest control professionals that specialize in the removal of pests on your premises. They will also help minimize further damage as well as provide methods to prevent the pest invasion from happening again on your property.

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