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SSD or HDD: Which is Better for Your Netherlands Dedicated Server?



Deciding on the right type of web hosting is quite a challenge itself. Most people choose Dedicated Hosting over shared and virtual servers. Because while hosting the sites on shared servers website owners get issues related to performance, security, bandwidth, etc. Another issue that many website holders seem to have is not having enough storage to upload more data. Storage has always been a challenge since the start of computer technology.

There are two types of storage including HDD and SSD. You must know the basic knowledge of both of them and choose the best for your Netherlands Dedicated Server. So, in this article, you will gonna find out what is SSD and HDD, the difference between them, and which one is perfect for your website. So, let’s get started.

What is HDD?

HDD stands for Hard Disk Drive. The device uses a rotating magnetic disk to store data. Since the 1950s people use the physical disk to store data, it’s like the traditional storage device. It has a thin metal disk that rotates in order to write the data or the information. The faster the disk spins the faster you can add your data. It has a preset speed that is basically between 4200 RPM to 7200 RPM. Here RPM denotes revolutions per minute.

What is SSD?

SSD stands for Solid State Drive, it uses flash memory to store the data on the device. It is officially introduced to computers in 2009. Like SSD uses flash memory to store the data, RAM also uses the same technology but erases the memory when shutting down the computer. In the contrast, SSD stores the data even after shutting down the system.

Which One Should You Choose HDD or SSD for Your Dedicated Server Netherlands?

Dedicated Server Netherlands

The main difference between the disk states is one uses flash memory but the other uses a traditional rotating disk to store the data. As the latest technology is growing rapidly then you will need a disk that quickly uploads the data to the server without taking more time. Therefore, SSD storage would be the best option to choose for your Netherlands Dedicated Server. Let’s discuss in depth to know why SSD storage is better than HDD.

Speed and Perfromance

Speed and performance matter when you get anything online. Be it a website’s speed or uploading any information on the website. The less time it takes the better performance you get. It also applies to disk spaces too. As you know HDD storage uses a rotating disk to get the information so it will take time. However, SSD storage takes a flash memory technology to raed and write the data so it will quickly upload the data on the system. That’s why for good speed and performance, you should take SSD storage for your Netherlands Dedicated Server.


Security is the biggest challenge when storing sensitive data on the website. And, along with the server’s role in securing the website, disk spaces also play an important role. But HDD fails to provide the best security for the data cause of the technology it uses. Your data may get lost while moving the parts. However, in SSD storage, there will be no security breach, it is based on the flash memory-based technology that keeps your data protected. So, you can use SSD storage for your Netherlands Dedicated Server.


SSDs are more versatile than HDDs as they are available with different types of memory cells, chips, etc. But HDD depends on DDR3 memory chips. As a whole, you can say, SSDs are more versatile for your Netherlands Dedicated Hosting for the best performance of the server.

Power Consumption

It is the main factor when comparing HDD and SSD. Due to the absence of moving parts, SSDs consume less power than HDDs. Therefore, SSDs are the ideal solution that is included in your Netherlands Dedicated Server. In the case of a single system, this factor does not matter much but for thousands of systems, it does count.

From all of this comparison and discussion of the main features of a Dedicated Server Netherlands, SSD storage appears to be the most powerful and secure option.

From Where You Can buy the Best Dedicated Server Netherlands with SSD Storage?

Best Dedicated Server Netherlands

There are many providers who offer both options SSD and HDD to get for your Netherlands Dedicated Server. But Hostbillo- a web hosting company provides an SSD storage facility with its hosting services. They understand the need for quicker and more secure storage to protect the data from breaches.

That’s why Hostbillo provides an SSD storage facility with every Web Hosting Service in Netherlands. The company’s primary aim is to provide affordable and top-quality hosting services to customers without any issues. So, if you are looking for SSD storage then get Hostbillo’s Cheap Dedicated Server Netherlands services. It includes all the premium features that one should look into the package like unlimited bandwidth, security, high page load speed, etc.


HDDs have been providing a lot of storage for dedicated servers since the start. Now, it’s time to look for quality over quantity. You can transform your server environment for a better cause with SSDs. Therefore, when you are considering Netherlands Dedicated Server to host your site then look for an SSD storage option. It quickly uploads the data to the server and protects it to the maximum.

So, in order to provide the SSD storage option with the Best Dedicated Server Netherlands, Hostbillo comes first as a web host. It offers cheap web hosting services that can fit into everyone’s pocket. Also, it delivers 24*7 customer care services so you can get the answer to your issues related to the hosting.

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