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State Farm Denied My Roof Claim – Here’s What I Did Next


I always knew that insurance companies were out to make a profit, but I never thought they’d stoop so low as to deny my roof claim on the grounds that I didn’t take better care of my roof before the storm hit. The insurance company said my roof looked pretty bad and suggested that I may want to consider replacing it before something worse happens (like another storm). State Farm denied my roof claim, and it just wouldn’t sit right with me, so I decided to fight back – here’s what happened next…

Find a Good Insurance Agent

I researched reviews of insurance agents for hours before selecting one. It turned out to be a difficult decision but after talking with two separate companies, I felt confident in my selection. From the beginning, there was a great rapport established between us and he helped me understand the different options as well as provide some thoughts on how to get an approved roof claim with State Farm. He sent over a contract where we went through each item line by line, discussing all aspects of the terms so that we could have a mutual understanding of what would happen when the contract is enforced or broken. Once it was finalized, he set up everything necessary to push forward with my state farm denied roof claim. He guided me step-by-step and made sure that I understood every step of the process. By doing this, he ensured that I knew exactly what needed to be done if anything were to go wrong in order to protect myself. After three months of following his guidance, we finally received a letter from State Farm stating they had agreed to reimburse 75% of my roofing costs!

Request a Re-Evaluation

I reached out to a State Farm denied my roof claim agent in the hopes of re-evaluating my roof claim. They were able to tell me that their adjuster had determined there was not enough evidence to justify replacing my roof. In some cases, a homeowner may be eligible for an insurance settlement on the exterior instead of replacing their entire roof. This option is something they should definitely explore with their State Farm agent. The State Farm agent also informed me that this process can take up to 60 days. However, if you are denied an itemized replacement or reimbursement from your insurance company it is worth waiting until you have submitted your whole claim and then requesting a re-evaluation. State Farm has given me a $2,000 advance which will help cover the cost of repairs while I wait for my claim to be fully processed.

I am still considering contacting an attorney because State Farm has not followed through with what they said they would do regarding providing relief during this difficult time.

Document Your Re-Evaluation

When State Farm denied my roof claim, I was frustrated but not ready to give up. I contacted my homeowner insurance company (the company that originally insured the home) and appealed their decision. It took some persistence, but they eventually came around to my way of thinking and agreed to cover the cost of repairs. The homeowner insurance agent acted as a mediator between myself and State Farm, in order to help settle the dispute with both companies happy with the outcome. I feel like they listened to my story and were able to see things from both perspectives. In the end, it turns out that it wasn’t a clear-cut case at all; because there were other people living in the house who were also allowed to use the porch for storage space for items like lawnmowers and such. Apparently those items weigh more than most possessions one would have inside the house, so combined with rainwater run-off from outside, made it an expensive repair for sure!

Get Further Action against State Farm

I recently had my roof damaged by a hailstorm and called State Farm denied my roof claim. When I received their denial letter in the mail, my first reaction was to call and appeal it. They gave me the number for the claims department but when I called them they couldn’t answer any of my questions on the spot so they said they would send me a letter within 3-5 business days. Meanwhile, while waiting for their response, more hail started pouring on my roof. I then emailed them asking them to reconsider and heard back from someone who asked me some more questions about what happened and offered an opportunity to submit photos as additional evidence. After that, they informed me that my policy does not cover this type of damage so I am not eligible for coverage. To say I’m disappointed is an understatement. After doing a little research online, I found out that State Farm doesn’t have much competition in Illinois which could be why they don’t have to worry about taking care of their customers like other insurance companies do.

File a Complaint With the Illinois Department of Insurance (DoI)

My agent at State Farm, Allen Myers, said the company denied my roof claim due to a minor hail storm that left our roof with less than 50% coverage. The policy limit is 100%. This type of denial appears intentional to drive customers away from State Farm denied my roof claim. Luckily, my agent was aware of this tactic and told me to file a complaint with the Illinois Department of Insurance (DoI). The DoI found in my favor and has now opened an investigation into the insurance fraud committed by State Farm. They are asking for public feedback on whether or not they should penalize the company. If you’re like me and have been duped by their deceptive practices, please sign the petition to help protect other consumers! I know what it feels like to get taken advantage of by a large corporation and want to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

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