Tentacle Locker Game – An App For Smart Phone Users

Tentacle Locker Apk is an online game for Android mobile devices. In essence, it’s based on an original virtual fun tale in which players take control of a girl in junior high who is forced to wear red dresses and pass exams from a certain point on the campus. So, there are lockers in which the player can drag along a Tentacle on the screen to make them wear a red dress. It sounds easy.

Well, yes, but adult games are no walk in the park. I saw some of the things while playing the Tentacle locker: Every time someone else would try to go through the locker, the Tentacle would always be in a different location, forcing the other characters to repeat the whole process. Sometimes, when the girl was already wearing the red dress, she would stop the cycle and select another costume. The whole point is that you, as the player, are forced to do all of these actions over again, regardless of whether you like it or not. And this happens in every single unlockable level in the game.

This brought me to a new challenge, which is to improve the Tentacle locker’s gameplay. Since I love Tentacle Locker as a game, I couldn’t just leave it like that. I couldn’t continue to repeat the same quest to earn more money or continue playing as someone else because that would make the experience too easy. Thus, I needed to figure out a way to make the gameplay more challenging, which I’m going to show you in this article.

Tentacle Locker iPhone

The first thing that I did was to change up the appearance of Tentacle Locker. Since all of its variants are the same, it’s pretty boring. Therefore, I changed up the appearance of each variant, making it more interesting and unique. For example, one of the versions in the app has a red body, while another has a green body. If you look closely at the latter, you can notice that the tentacles on the skin of the alien girl are moving, and it looks as if Tentacle was crawling all over the place.

tentacle locker

To make the Tentacle Locker apk unique, I made the other characters appear stationary. For example, the purple-skinned alien girl can just standstill. The other variant has its arms behind its back so that you can see where Tentacle is. Each variation of Tentacle locker has its interesting style, which makes the game even more exciting.

Aside from changing up the girl’s appearance, I also made sure to change up the Tentacle locker’s ability. To make the gameplay more interesting, I made the abilities of the Tentacle Locker vary, giving the players a whole new gameplay experience. For example, you might have the ability to Tentacle your opponents or shoot them with your mouth. You can also freeze them or stun them, which will make their skills go down a little. There are over 60 Tentacle abilities in the game, giving you a lot to unlearn and relearn.

Because the game is an application, you need to purchase an iPhone to play it. However, because this application has been released for the public to use, most developers have included the option to download for free. Because I made the female version of Tentacle locker free, more people are likely to download it and play it. The male version is probably going to be downloaded much more slowly.

If you want to download the tentacle locker game, the only thing that you need to do is launch iTunes and search for the free version. When you find it, you can tap on it should download it immediately. After you have installed the app, all you have to do is launch the game. Now, your friends can compete against each other and see who gets the most points. If you play a lot of these kinds of games, you will appreciate this new release.

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