East Essence- 5 tips to enhance Islamic fashion.


Fashion is a form of art which allows people to display their unique tastes of styling. It represents one’s identity, varying from person to person, depending upon their personal choices. Everyone has their own definitions of fashion, what fashion is for me may not be fashion for you at all. For example, suppose a girl likes to wear ripped jeans, because well its “in fashion”, but at the same time for her mother, it will be a torn jeans which needs to be stitched before wearing. Nobody’s wrong here, but their meaning of fashion is different. Fashion helps one to express themselves in front of the world in ways we can’t even imagine. It includes: clothing, footwear, hairstyling, accessories, makeup and more. Speaking of clothing, which contributes a lot to the fashion industry. You may have noticed how clothing is influenced by culture. A clothing style reveals a lot about people’s tradition and cultures. Even designers and manufacturers produce clothes, keeping the culture of a particular region in mind. Some cultures provide a vast range of options in clothing and fashion, as they have no particular norms; on the contrary, some cultures follow very specific norms, like the Islamic culture. The significance of clothing in Islam is keeping up the social values with fashion. Generally, Islamic women wear hijab on burqas or any other type of dresses they carry. These are usually made of silk and georgette. It’s not only about certain Islamic dresses, women wear, but there are many ways in which they can style their outfits. For styling clothes, we need ideas, now the question comes, from where to get those ideas? There is a place. To get amazing Islamic clothes, all you have to do is visit our website called East Essence, where you’ll find latest fashion and popular, trending clothes. And not only this, East Essence lets you enjoy best deals by providing free coupons such as East Essence promo codes, East Essence coupons and many more.

Here are some tips o enhance your fashion:

Adaptable basics-

This section contains all the comfortable and soft fabrics. You would want to stock your closet with the most basic clothes, which can be used as foundations for multiple outfits. Using few clothes we can create so many amazing outfits. East Essence has a great stock of these very basic Islamic clothes. An example is denim; by going for denim, one can look both trendy and modest at the same time. Wearing long tops or maxi dresses with denim leggings can make a great outfit. We can also go for the empire cut of clothing which is quite fashionable, wearing long dresses with a belt around waist, and we are ready to go for any family gatherings or birthday parties. You would never regret visiting East.

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Essence for such comfortable clothing and yes, do not forget to avail amazing offers, by using East Essence coupon codes.

Color combinations-

Color is one thing you can always play with, making cute color combinations, by either going with same color and different tones, or choosing two completely different colors. Use different colors for outfits including hijab, al-amira, shayla, or any other head covering. You can wear a particular dress with different color veils or you can choose your favorite hijab and try it with different dresses. On the website, East Essence, you will find all the colors in hijabs, maxi dresses etc. one very cool idea is pairing a muted forest green hijab with a chic lime green dress. You will find great ideas with great deals by visiting East Essence and using East Essence deals.


Dressing your outfit with accessories is a good option. You can wear a simple chain necklace with a small pendant, and for earrings you can go for studs or even pearl earrings. In hands, you can wear a sports watch or a leather strap watch, pairing it with some bangles or bracelets. For sunny days, you can pull off sunglasses, or some good shaped shades. Accessories helps you enhance your personality. So these small things at the end, contributes to your overall look. Visit East Essence to style yourself this time and you will see what it offers and how it’s different from any other clothing website. Use East Essence shopping to get your products at reasonable prices.

Fashionable layers-

Everyday Muslim outfit consists of several layers. It depends on the wearer’s preference, how many layers they are willing to add to their outfit. It is very cool to add layers to your modest outfit. The best part is adding layers make the outfit eligible for almost every occasion. If you are going to an office party, try wearing a blazer over a dress, in winters of course. For moderate days, there are many options like denim jackets or open shirts with inners. 

East Essence is the perfect website to add layers to your lifestyle. Now adding layers is adding money to your budget but that is not the case here as you will get your clothes at discounted prices only if you use East Essence discount codes.


There is no harm in adding a little makeup to your natural beauty. But always remember not to overdo it, as we have been keeping everything very simple and sober till now. Everyone should have their go-to makeup fixed which helps us to keep that “no makeup” look always on. Daily makeup can consist of foundation, eyeliner and lip gloss or a nude shade lipstick. You can even get these extras on East Essence, free of cost as there are many offers which you wouldn’t want to miss, just apply East Essence offers to get your free makeup with your beautiful Islamic dresses.


Fashion is like faith; it keeps you connected to your culture. And dressing up according to your culture means staying true to your beliefs. Islamic fashion is one of the most elegant and modest fashion in the fashion industry.

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It’s the essence what makes one’s fashion unique and hard to resist. East Essence, as suggested by its name, keeps the essence in touch. And no other online shopping website provides such great deals as East Essence does, plus it’s not that difficult to apply East Essence sale before checking out. So grab your clothes and recreate your personality with East Essence.

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