Top apps for listening music by 2020

Top apps for listening music by 2020


Here’s the list of 2019 technologies that may be predicted to become popular by 2020 or later. List is based on the technology trends & predictions.

1. Virtual Reality: Virtual reality gloves are being developed and could be commercially available in less than a year, as soon as next summer, and they will cost around $200 per pair

2. Voice-controlled smart devices: Voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri are expected to become mainstream and more affordable in 2020.


It is probably the most popular of all music streaming services and has a free tier. They also put out a paid tier as well. But, with Spotify Premium you can ad-free, download your music for offline listening, and enjoy higher quality audio. There’s no better way to download tunes on the web than with MP3 juice.

Apple Music:

This service if from Apple who does have their own streaming service called Apple Music which you can use for $9.99 a month or $14.99 a month for family sharing plan.

Amazon Prime Music:

This is another music streaming service, but it does not have an option to purchase songs or albums. You can listen completely ad-free for free after a month of trial.


Deezer has a premium plan for $9.99 a month and also offers some free music through their radio stations.

Google Play Music :

Google’s main content is music, so they offer on-demand access to thousands of playlists and millions of songs with their Android app as well as an iOS app, Google Play Music All Access. It also throws in benefits like background playback and offline listening features at no extra cost unlike Apple Music and Prime Music who charges $15 a month.

Spotify vs Deezer

Deezer has a lot of the same features as Spotify. They have a variety of playlists, millions of songs and music from thousands of artists. Also, you can play your own files if you like, unlike Spotify which does not let you upload your own library of music to listen to. The only noticeable flaw is that Deezer is ad-supported and there is no way to remove them from playback.


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YouTube Music:

YouTube Music is a new service launched by Google in 2015. They have an app for both Android and iOS devices. You can stream music or download them for offline listening. It gives you the option of listening to free or playing music you have purchased from any of your devices.


Pandora has been around since 2000 and they still remain one of the top streaming services in America. The basic Pandora plan is free but gets annoying with ads. There’s also a paid one which costs $4.99/month without ads, but in order to get that you need to sign up for a premium plan that costs $9.99/ month and then pay an additional $4.

TuneIn Radio:

I’ve got a new pick for the best streaming radio app out there. TuneIn Radio has every possible genre imaginable, and is perfect for tuning into your favorite show or station while driving to work, cooking dinner, or just hanging out at home. I love how easy this app is to use and how customizable it is- other services have you running in circles looking for the program you want to listen to, but with TuneIn Radio it’s easy as pie!


Netflix might not be the first thing that comes to mind when people are talking about learning new skills and expanding their knowledge- but their impressive library of documentaries certainly deserves a mention.

BBC Sounds:

There are so many free shows and live broadcasts on BBC Sounds that it can be hard to choose what to listen to- but don’t worry, you won’t go crazy overloading your music collection with BBC sounds. The service has all kinds of radio shows, news segments, and even podcasts that are perfect for those who want to expand their knowledge outside the classroom.


SoundCloud is a different type of listening platform than the ones I mentioned above. Instead of focusing on music and audio, it is great for finding podcasts and blogs talk about many different topics. It’s great if you enjoy audio-based podcasts or video blogs, but I found it difficult to find the radio shows that I was looking for.

Streaming Services Explained Again:

It’s hard to know what to listen to on Spotify or other streaming services without knowing how they work. As with any of these websites, you just have to know how to get past the clutter and find exactly what you’re looking for.


Tidal is one of the new streaming services looking to become the next big thing in music and podcasting. This service offers a variety of different music and even has tutorials for learning how to make your own playlists.


Spotify is another popular streaming service that many people are using to listen to their favorite musical artists. It also boasts being family-friendly, so if you have younger siblings who want to listen to your music, this might be a good choice.

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