When Is a Good Time to Do a Home Renovation?


Renovating your home is one of the smartest investments you can do in your lifetime. Quality home renovationscan set the property up for the future, increasing your chances of a great appraisal. With this, it is important to consider the timing of your house renovation. If you have early planning and strategizing, any time can be the best time to begin.

Here are essential factors to take into consideration when planning a home renovation:

Your Reason to Renovate

Many people do home renovations to make their dwellings more comfortable and modern. For others, house flipping is their main reason. Some homeowners renovate as a way to increase the value of their properties.

There are many other reasons why people decide to renovate such as the house becoming too big or too small, the floors being worn, the roofs needing replacement, there are termites, or simply because they have the budget for some renovations.

The purpose of your house renovation has an impact on the time you decide to do it. For example, if you intend to sell your house the following spring, then the fall or winter this year is the ideal time to renovate.This gives you plenty of time to have your house ready for public viewings come springtime.

Generally speaking,if you are renovating for the long term, you have an extended timeline for renovation.

Understand Supply and Demand

The relationship between supply and demand is a crucial factor in how much the renovations cost. The price of construction materials such as cement, lumber, and paint fluctuates, depending on the time of the year.

The best time for Brisbane home renovations is not necessarily always when the building supplies are at their lowest. It always pays to plan your renovation project well ahead of time. However, you may purchase materials at their most affordable price and store them until the real work begins.

Also, remember that when every contractor in the city is ordering concrete, replacement windows, hardwood flooring, etc., there is a high chance that orders will get delayed or mixed up, resulting in a little more aggravation.

Consider Seasonality

The season is a key factor when renovating. Typically, you will need a general contractor to manage your renovation. But, remember that majority of contractors are incredibly busy during the spring and summer seasons. As

Some people want to negotiate a better deal and change their renovation plans as the demand decreases. Remember though those home renovations in the winter come with their own challenges. For example, rain and snow in the winter can bring about longer timelines and other complications while work is being done.

So, what are the best months to renovate? Take a look at the benefits of remodelling in every season:

Home renovation in fall. One of the good things about the fall season is that you can avoid the busy months of construction. If you have a popular contractor, you can ensure that they will give your home renovations the attention it requires. They can pay closer attention to the details that you would like to incorporate. Your contractor may also be able to space out your project, allowing them to take his time on your renovation.

The weather is also nicer in the fall. With the extremely hot weather behind you, the cooler months of fall provide you and your contractor with better weather conditions. In addition, colder weather is the right time to focus more on your interior spaces than your exterior. For example, bathroom and kitchen renovations can remarkably increase your home value.

Home renovation in winter. Considering that most homeownersdo not renovate in the winter, you can benefit from it if you choose this season. For one, building supplies will be cheaper, giving you massive savings. Most manufacturers usually have sales to bolster the demand. Moreover, you can use this off-season as a bargaining chip with your contractor. Your project is done on schedule while getting a good deal out of it.

Home renovation in spring. The weather is one of the reasons that springtime is perfect for home renovations. This time of the year enables the builders to get the job done much quicker as they can work longer due to extended daylight. You can also get better deals on renovation supplies in the spring because the stock of last season is cheaper than usual.

Spring is also a busy season for home-buying. So if you are planning to sell your house, this season is the ideal time to renovate. It means that there is an abundance of homebuyers all set to look at your place as soon as your home is ready to enter the market.

Home renovation in summer. The warm months of the summer season ensure faster work. Contractors typically charge clients for the amount of time they are on the job. So, if snow, rain, or other weather-related delays are more likely to happen, the cost of your project will increase. Also, you may pay more for your project if it needs some digging and the ground is frozen because there is more labour involved.

In general, it is better for contractors to work and your home renovations to proceed without delays in better weather. For example, paving a driveway in warmer months will give higher quality work. It is also easier for the paint to dry in warm weather. When you need to replace the flooring, you may be able to temporarily move some furniture outdoors.

Renovating Specific Parts of the House

There are certain renovations that are ideal to do during a specific time of the year:

Decks.It is best to carry out your deck renovation fromOctober to December. The ground is softer during these times, making it perfect for renovating. You may also make full use of your deck as it will be ready in time for summer.

Roofs, washrooms, and kitchens.Roofing works require nice weather, free of rain or snow. For kitchen and washrooms, the contractors can perform interior renovation away from the heat. Therefore, schedule these home renovations from January to March.

Outdoor work. New construction, exterior painting, and other outdoor works are best done from April to June. These months provide more comfort and convenience to your contractors, avoiding the challenges from working under extreme heat.

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